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If you're a download maniac, you should have at least heard about JDownloader Or Mipony. If not, then you're not downloading enough. It automates your downloads from various file sharing services, so you don't have to babysit your downloads, such as waiting times, typing in CAPTCHAs, etc.

The annoying thing about downloading a lot of stuff from these file sharing services is that they imply A LOT OF LIMITATIONS unless you buy a premium account. That includes typing in reCAPTCHAs, an anti-bot system. While JDownloader automates most of the stuff, it can't really decipher these reCAPTCHAs. You still have to do this manually.

But hey, We have done it for you, We have designed a addon for jdownloader And Mipony so you dont have to site there and babysit your downloads with captchas let our software do it for you,

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As you might of seen ANTI-R-C_ST base there jdownloader addon on my addon so what ive done here is taken there addon and modified it to work with the new captchas, So far so good had it working for nearlly a week now and all ok,

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